First secondment in WiseFeed


Dr. Minh Hoang Le, a post doc from NTU, Vietnam, has conducted the first secondment in the WiseFeed project. His secondment was part of  WP4 ”Optimizing the growth and N-retention in cobia under increasing water temperatures- the role of methionine”. During the secondment Hoang has been working at SPAROS and received extensive training in formulation of fish diets and together with staff at SPAROS also produced the feed required for the experiments in this WP.

The main objective of WP4 is test to what extent elevated water temperatures increase the requirement for dietary methionine in cobia. The applied aspect is to generate the data that permits to maximise growth and N-retention in cobia. This will be done in two series of experiments with groups of cobia (juveniles) using different levels of dietary methionine and different temperature conditions. All the fish trials will be conducted by NTU in Vietnam starting in May 2016 with secondments of UIB, NIFES, CCMAR, and CSIC. The nutritional and molecular analysis of fish and feeds will later be conducted as secondments by staff from NTU to UIB and NIFES. In the fall, Dr Hoang will then spend 4 months in Norway to receive training and conduct analysis of samples from the experiment

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