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Center for Marine Sciences Algarve (CCMAR)-
 Faro, PortugalPrint
Organisation: Research Center (Academic)
Country: Portugal
Responsible person: Dr. Sofia Engrola

The Centre for Marine Sciences (CCMAR), an independent multidisciplinary, non-profit research organization based at the University of Algarve is one of the foremost marine science research centres in Portugal, classified “Excellent” in the 2014 research assessment of the National Foundation for Science and Technology. The centre combines a broad spectrum of competences, ranging from aquaculture, marine biology and ecology, biotechnology, and fisheries. CCMAR has an annual budget of over 3.5 million euro and hosts 100 scientists, 40 PhD students and 100 young scientists and technicians. CCMAR publishes 150-200 articles annually and in the last 5 years had 15 patents approved and established 2 spin-off companies. CCMAR acts as a key national marine infrastructure associated with ESFRI (, lead the national node of EMBRC (, through Biodata.PT is a member of the national node of ELIXIR ( and of the national node of EMSO ( and is a partner of AQUAEXCEL2020 (

One of the central aims of CCMAR through the Aquaculture Research Group (AquaGroup) is to contribute to the sustainable development of the aquaculture industry, through basic and applied research directed to studies on nutrition and physiology of fish, on the development and optimization of production systems and feeding regimes for fish. These activities have been developed in the framework of several research projects, at both national and international level. Through CCMAR the WISEFEED consortium will benefit from indoor and outdoor facilities at Ramalhete Experimental Station that cater for the provision of tailored experimental setups in a wide range of conditions and fully equipped laboratories for analyses of physiological indicators, and study of nutrient fluxes, equipped with metabolic chambers and liquid scintillation analyser.

Contribution: CCMAR will be contribute and expertise in the improvement of feeding strategies and nutrition physiology so to maximize efficiency of protein retention in fish (WP3 and WP4). This partner has also extensive experience in the use of tracer methodologies for the improvement of N retention and a full dedicated flux nutrients laboratory.