Evonik Nutrition& Care, GmbH

Organisation: Non-academic partnerevonik-logo
Country: Germany
Responsible person: Cláudia Silva (Contact person at Evonik)

: More than 60 years of experience as a leader in amino acids and as a reliable partner to the feed industry have honed our edge in developing innovative products and delivering effective solutions that improve our customers’ bottom line. Evonik produce feed additives at six sites in five countries. Feed and nutrition represents the single largest portion of cost in producing animal protein. Evonik’s team of nutritionists specialize in research and development of information, concepts and tool to support producers by focusing on the processes and subject that allow customers to maximize profitability and manage risk. Research activities cover a range of species including; broilers, laying hens, swine, dairy cattle, turkeys, ducks and a range of aquatic species. This is achieved through collaboration with leading universities and institutes globally working jointly to improve data and develop new nutritional concepts.

Contribution: Evonik will contribute with expertise in the field of amino acid nutrition (AA), in particular in the evaluation of methionine source on the digestive process, protein utilization and deposition in early development stages of fish. We will participate on WP3 together with CSIC, CCMAR and SPAROS.