Laks Skjæring av laks Cobia
Photo Credits: Eivind Senneset, Helge Skodvin, Bjørn Tore Lunestad

National Institute for Nutrition and Seafood research (Nifes)– Bergen, Norway
Organisation: Research Institute (Academic)Nifes logo
Country: Norway
Responsible person: Dr Marit Espe

  Marit Espe
Team members
Senior Researcher Dr Marit Espe (

Expertise: NIFES cover the whole food chain from feed to fish towards fish for human consumption. NIFES is organized in two main research programs, one working with fish for human consumption and the other working with fish nutrition. The research sections within Fish Nutrition are Requirement and welfare and Feed safety. The Seafood safety and health programme cover Contaminants and biohazards, Seafood in model systems and Human studies. In collaboration with the University of Bergen, NIFES educates master and PhD students. A major part of the institute includes laboratory facilities to support the researchThe laboratory facilities at NIFES are well developed with more than 250 different methods of analysis, of which about 70 holds accreditation by the EN-45001/ISO Guide 25 Standard. NIFES has the facilities and instrumentation to support analyses and research activities linked to WISEFEED.

Contribution: NIFES will contribute with expertise in WP4, the optimization of growth and N-retention during increased water temperature studying the effect of dietary methionine. NIFES has extensive experience evaluating nutritional requirement for amino acids to improve welfare of aquacultured fish and have the laboratory facilities to analyze chemical and biochemical samples to evaluate nutrient requirements and robustness.