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Organisation: University (Academic)
Country: Vietnam
Responsible person: Associate professor Pham Quoc Hung
Website: link

Team members:
Lecturer: Dr. Minh Hoang Le (leminhhoang.vn@gmail.com)
Lecturer: Dr. Minh Van Nguyen (minhntu@gmail.com)

Expertice: The staff involved in WiseFeed works in the Institute of Aquaculture at the Nha Trang University. Institute of Aquaculture has a key role in providing the manpower for fisheries and aquaculture sectors in Vietnam. The institute’s responsibility is to educate and train students and researchers in the field of aquaculture, fish pathology and aquatic resources management at graduate and postgraduate levels

The Institute has three departments, including Department of Freshwater Aquaculture, Department of Brackish Aquaculture, and Department of Marine Aquaculture. It has 57 staff with 97 percent obtained their masters and doctoral diploma. Researchers at the Institute study and solve issues raised in the field of fisheries and aquaculture. We are interested in exploring biological processes in aquatic organisms, environmental and resource management. We also employ advanced biotechnological applications in aquaculture.

Contribution: NTU will contribute with expertise in rearing of cobia and experimental facilities in WP4.