University of Bergen (UiB)- Bergen, Norwaylogo Universitetet i Bergen stor
Organisation: University (Academic)
Country: Norway
Responsible person: Professor Ivar Rønnestad (WiseFeed coordinator)
Website: www.uib.no

ajordal_0  Hugøyhelgesen IvarR
Team members
Senior Engineer (ER) Dr. Ann-Elise Olderbakk Jordal (Ann-Elise.Jordal@uib.no)
Financial Officer (FO): Thomas Marius Hugøy (Thomas.Hugoy@uib.no)
Project administrative support: Jeanette Helgesen (Jeanette.helgesen@uib.no)
Coordinator (CO): Prof. Ivar Rønnestad (ivar.ronnestad@uib.no)

Expertice: The staff involved in WiseFeed works in the research group Marine developmental Biology at Department of Biology. Their main research interest is nutritional and digestive physiology. Current projects involve studies of the GI-tract physiology, nutrient sensing, peptide hormones involved in regulation of digestion, energy homeostasis and appetite, the Gut-brain axis, amino acid metabolism and modelling.

Contribution:  UIB will contribute with expertise in digestive physiology and modelling in WP1, WP2 & WP3. We will also contribute with capacity for analysis of gene expression for assessment of climate effects on metabolism in cobia in WP4. As the coordinator UiB will also oversee the responsibilities relating to project administration and reporting (WP5, WP6).