Sparos Lda (Sparos)– Olaho, PortugalLogoSPAROS_CMYK
Organisation: SME (Industry)
Country: Portugal
Responsible person: Dr. Luis Conceicao

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SPAROS Lda is a technology-driven SME dedicated to the development of new products and tailored nutritional solutions for the aquaculture market. It offers the alliance of a strong scientific background in the areas of fish nutrition and aquaculture, with a flexible pilot-scale feed technology platform. SPAROS has commercial products for the aquaculture (Hatchery Feeds), biomedical (ZEBRAFEED) and ornamental (AQUATICA) markets. Besides the manufacture of its own feeds, SPAROS is a key contract manufacturing facility for some of the major players of the EU aquafeed industry. SPAROS has also manages an extensive network of experimental rearing facilities dedicated to testing the biological performance of novel ingredients and additives in fish. SPAROS has an intense R&D effort, including new feeds for the aquaculture and ornamentals markets, but also the development of tools, focusing on mechanistic modelling and omic technologies, to predict biological performance and feed utilization of fish under different nutritional and environmental scenarios.

Contribution: SPAROS will contribute to all WPs with expertise in feed ingredients and additives in diet formulation, ingredient processing, feed technology, nutrient retention and growth, digestibility studies, mechanistic modelling.

SPAROS at AE2014